• Collaborative work
    We foster collaborative work

    We focus in theories, metodologies and tools that fosters the collaborative work.

  • Transform organizations
    We transform organizations

    Consufé supports organizations to develop a creative thinking culture, which facilitates the learning of its members and the continuous transformation of itself.

  • Knowledge management
    We propose different ways of thinking

    We propose visual thinking and working with materials a ways of thinking and interacting.

  • We help educational institutions
    We help educational institutions

    We accompany educational institutions in the transformation of their teaching, learning and management practices.

Creative Thinking

Consufé is a Danish company dedicated to creative thinking as an approach to transform organizations. Our goal is to support different organizations in the process of constantly learning and reinventing themselves to respond to the challenges of today's society. We use theories, methodologies, and tools that foster imagination, collaboration, curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, and open-mindedness; essential competencies for professionals of the present and of the future.

Consufé understands creativity as the process of generating ideas to solve problems; the solutions that are reached, have value for the individual, the group and the community. Creativity involves looking at familiar situations with fresh eyes, understanding and evaluating problems, having an open mind to listen to different perspectives, making connections between different pieces of information, learning from and with others, and using our imagination to explore new possibilities.

Consufé | We disrupt the way of thinking

Our name defines what we believe in: no one changes or learns unless it is their own will. "Con su fé" means that people may have access to a lot of knowledge, but it is up to them to accept the invitation to learn and be better every day. We move knowledge that can be relevant for organizations, we also create the appropriate learning spaces, however it is only when the members of the organization decide to start the adventure of change and learning when the real transformation will happen.

The name also means that we build something that we can not see immediately. The process of transformation does not happen from one day to the next, it is a process. The competences that we should develop demands a change in our way to think, do and be.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission: to reduce the inequity of access to creative thinking knowledge.

Our vision: to contribute at each corner in the world have access to creative thinking to improve their well-being

Research has shown that creativity has the potential to solve small and big problems, it also has the capacity to create better life conditions, therefore, we want to reach places which have difficulties to access high quality creative thinking knowledge, with the aim to reduce knowledge inequity and to build a better world for all.

Our values

  • Imagination
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Longlife learning
  • Flexibility
  • Human capability to change