Who we are

We started Consufé with the mission of promoting innovation, creativity and change in organizations, both in the business and educational fields. We want to explore to the maximum the capacity of collaborative learning and collaborative work for common development, so we use methodologies that foster a different way of thinking, creating, learning and changing.

We have a particular commitment to rural areas, so we make an extra effort so that our work reaches the neediest sectors, with the objective that knowledge and learning become the tools for their sustainable development.

Consufé | We disrupt the way of thinking

The team

Researcher and co-founder of Consufé
Researcher associated with the University of Aalborg, Denmark and co-founder of the company Consufé. She obtained her master's degree at the National University of Costa Rica in 2002, in the area of administration of information and communication technologies. In 2010 she obtained her PhD degree at the University of Aalborg, research topic was the development of information and communication technology competencies for small and medium enterprises using problem-based learning and action learning. Her research area is organizational learning, organizational change and active learning. Heilyn has participated in multiple international projects, which seek to promote innovation and organizational change.
Teamleader/Project Manager and co-founder of Consufé
He is a team and project leader in the company Aalborg Varme, which is dedicated to the production of heating in Aalborg, Denmark and co-founder of Consufé. He obtained his degree in electrical engineering in 1994, as well as different specializations in administration of information technology and project management. Heine has extensive experience in teamwork and active learning for his experience as a coach of Scout leaders in Denmark. He also works on volunteer projects of international mission in Burundi and Rwanda. The most recent projects use the methodology "Rural participatory initiatives for the transformation of agriculture" (Ripat for its acronym in English) "to promote the sustainable development of rural communities.

Advisory board

Researcher and professor
Aalborg University, Denmark
Researcher and professor
Aalborg University, Denmark